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Services & Treatment

  • Self-care ADLs: Bathing, eating, dressing, toileting
  • Higher-level IADLs: Financial management, care of others, medication management
  • Functional strength, AROM, and PROM
  • Pain management
  • Dynamic and static stability
  • Activity tolerance and endurance
  • Self-regulation and coping strategies
  • *focus on pain neuroscience education and CBT for positive thought patterns
  • Pre-employment skills

  • Work hardening

  • School development

  • Job development

  • Workplace skills

  • On-the-job training

  • Ergonomics and safe body mechanics

  • Time management, organization, and planning skills

  • Computer skills, typing, FMC, software use and development

  • Dual tasking (motor+cognition)
  • Online brain training through multiple software programs 
  • In particular:
    • Working memory, STM, STR
    • Mental flexibility
    • Reading comprehension and language
    • Executive functioning - initiation, organization, sequencing, problem solving, termination
    • Learning new skills
  • Comprehensive vision assessment followed by:
    • Bilateral eye muscle coordination integration
    • Convergence and divergence training
    • Oculomotor control and strengthening
    • Horizontal and vertical saccade training
  • Stereognosis training
  • Sensory discriminatory training
  • Brock string integration
  • Recreational activities of client's interests
  • Community integration
  • Home exercise program (HEP) and stretching
  • Sports-related outings: golf, racquetball, pickle ball, etc. 
  • Pottery making
  • Woodworking projects
  • Movie theater outings
  • Cooking and baking activities
  • Gym outings: strength training, HIIT, cardiovascular, etc.
  • Cognition: Mini-Cog, MoCA, Lumosity LPI, Speech Intelligibility Scale, O-log​
  • ADLs: Barthel Index, clinical assessment, CARE Tool​
  • UE: 9HPT, ROM, MMT, Dynamometer, 30-s bicep curl, seated and standing balance (e.g., Berg or KUSBS)​
  • Other: Vision screen, coordination screen, and tailored assessments depending on presentation (e.g., UE Fugl-Meyer for CVA, PDQ-39 for PD, FSS for MS, etc.)​
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